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What is is a unique specialist online portal offering free of charge a dynamic search engine and complete data warehouse of scientific, academic, professional and trade books in English language published by a select group of Western publishers ( In a simple few-click process you gain access to a new virtual world of thousands of printed books and you can start competing with *mazons of this world.

Who is for? has been developed for any East European bookseller who has a website or an Internet bookshop. It does not matter if you are already involved in imports of foreign publications in English or if you are a local bookshop, general or specialist, wishing to enrich your local language offering with either complete or select range of foreign titles. Whatever your objectives are you will qualify to use this resource if you are 1/ based in Eastern Europe and you are 2/ a bookseller.

What books does offer? contains bibiliographic data (with ISBN, author, title, edition, series name, volume number, cover format, publication date, publisher price in sterling or euro, number of pages, availability status, subject description, short description in 25 or 50 words, jacket image, etc) in Onix or HTML format available for quick and problem-free upload to existing websites. The database of books consists of hundreds of thousands of titles available or to be available soon from those publishers whom Marek Lewinson represents in Eastern Europe. Our search engine will allow you to preselect titles according to your specific requirements (subject, publication date, price, cover format, availability status, keyword,etc) so that you can upload only those titles that match your bookshop needs.

What does cost the user? costs you as its user nothing, it is free of charge. There is even no obligation to buy anything, although if you like you can order any of our books either directly from our publishers via Marek Lewinson as their authorised representative or via any of existing East European book importers whose list you will find at: